Cleaning Fallen Leaves and How to Make it Easier

Although dried autumn leaves on your yard look beautiful and relaxing, you can “NOT” clean this litter.  It may be time-consuming and tiring to do this but cleaning up fallen leaves comes as a necessity to homeowners.

fallen leavesWhy Clean up Fallen leaves?

The first reason why you would clean up dried fallen leaves is that it may blow into neighboring yards which is a not-so-good sight for your co homeowners.  It also can carry a disease called Anthracnose, which is a type of fungus.

Aside from possible angry neighbors due to litter and fungus, piled up dead leaves can also cause clogs in your roof gutters if not cleaned and removed.  If leaves clog your gutters it may then result in roof leaks and etc., which is then a bigger problem.

How to Make Clean-Up Easier?

Trimming nearby trees will help in lessening dried fallen leaves in your area.

Adjusting the lawnmower to cut the grass shorter than usual will also help in making it easier to collect dried leaves that had fallen from the trees.

Go back-to-basics and use simple tools with leaf collection such as using a rake.

Upon regularly collecting all the dried leaves in your respective areas, consider composting these to enrich your garden soil.  Composting a variety of leaves gives better results for enriching your garden soil.  Although the whole process sounds like it is something that you would not look forward to doing, just think of the benefits and problems you can avoid and it might actually change your mind.