What You Should Know About Flat Roofs

Did you know that flat roofs aren’t flat? It’s a low sloping roof, and while it sometimes looks flat, it has a ¼” per foot slope. The raise is very minimal, so a flat roof isn’t the best option for a building that needs precipitation moved quickly. Water pooling is the most common problem experienced by the flat roofing system. This is a big concern, of course, but proper care is an easily avoidable issue.

flat roofsWhere are Flat Roofs Used?

Flat roofs are most commonly installed on townhouses and apartment buildings. You will see them on homes throughout Birmingham and the surrounding areas and atop business facilities, too. Low sloping garage and porches may also require a flat roof on a single-family home or other types of dwelling units. Although some people mistakenly believe that a flat roof is easier to install than asphalt shingles or other roofing materials, this is not always true. Flat roof sometimes poses a challenge to installers because it is such a hard job. Luckily, our expert roofers are ready and prepared to handle the job with expertise.

Variety for Southeast Alabama Needs

Home and business owners can take their pick of many styles, colors, and designs of flat roofs. With endless options, it is easy to fill every style need and requirement, regardless of your desired decorative desire. You can easily create a modern or traditional home space or a unique business when the flat roof is installed. It is less expensive than most other roofing options, and while it has its quirks, there’s also a multitude of advantages to enjoy as well.

Benefits of a Flat Roof

The flat roof is inexpensive from the initial installation, but the savings don’t stop there. You can expect to save a ton of cash for the roofing systems’ lifetime because it is easy to maintain the roof, especially when compared to the other roofing options. And, the roof material/style provide the long-lasting value that a home or business owner needs and deserves.