What are Green Roofs?

Green roofs are known to have plenty of benefits that help both the homeowner and the environment that is why this is becoming more popular in residential areas nowadays.

This article in improvenet.com gives you more information on green roofs to understand if this is the right choice of roofing for you.

What is a Green Roof?

Quoting the article, a green roof is a unique style of roofing that provides a protectant waterproof layer and drainage system that’s able to support light vegetation.  Urban areas are well benefitting from green roofs as it helps in clearing out pollutants in their area.  Also, unlike what most of the homeowners think that green roof increases the possibility of water damage in their homes, it is the opposite as green roof has a waterproof layer and natural runoff therefore a lesser risk of water damage.

Green Roof Benefits

Main benefit that the green roof provides your home is the look as it makes your home more beautiful.  Next is it reduces energy costs by reducing tempura tires on the roof, conserving heating and cooling energies.  Another benefit of green roofs is that increases your property’s value in urban areas.  Lastly, since these are plants, then it is a given that it helps out the environment be less polluted.

Green Roof Maintenance

Regular maintenance just like any other roof is needed for your green roof.  Continuous watering for your light plants is a must to keep everything GREEN.

Green Roof Design

Rule of thumb is to choose a plant that can withstand any weather as they will be front liners for such on a daily basis.  Aside from this, you may choose plants depending on how you would like to benefited as a homeowner such as herbs if you are planning to be a home-chef and the like.