Roofing Repairs

Leaks are the most common problem experienced when there’s damage needing repair. We can handle leaks minor and major with the same simplicity and as thoroughly as the next. Of course, leaking roofs is just one of the many issues we’ll quickly resolve for you. We handle any repair that is causing you grief!


Will your insurance cover the cost of your new roof or the roof repairs that you need? This varies from one policy to the next, the cause of the damage, and other factors. Reading over your policy can provide the answers to these questions. If you are unable to find the information that you need, a quick call to the insurance company will help you learn. Always be as informed as possible about your insurance coverage and what kind of disasters it will take care of.

Don’t let roofing insurance claims cause you stress! We accept insurance jobs of all types and handle all of the paperwork involved in the claim. We understand that this can be time-consuming and very confusing for the average homeowner, so we eliminate that worry and take care of the claim from start to finish. We’ll handle your insurance job with the same expertise and quality as any other job, always going above and beyond to satisfy your needs and provide a long-lasting roof that exceeds your expectations.


Trussville area roofing companies are in abundance, so why is Alabama Roofing Professionals the only name you must know? Although we don’t prefer to toot our own horn, we’re very proud of the happiness and quality roofing services we’ve provided, and love sharing the news with as many individuals as possible. Satisfaction is a part of every job that we perform; we want nothing but the best for you, and nothing is more satisfying to us than knowing we’re partially in charge of the beautiful home and the happiness you now have. When our work is done, we want you to have a roof that lasts you for many years to come, and many great things to say about our company. But we can show you better than we can tell you. Won’t you let us give you that free estimate today? Choose Alabama Roofing Professionals in Trussville, and the following qualities are yours to enjoy (in addition to many others):

  • Quality Work: We understand the frustrations behind spending your money with high expectations of the services the company provides, only to be sorely disappointed when the job is done. We put our customers first, ensuring this isn’t ever a concern. We provide quality work on every job that we perform because we want to be the Trussville roofing company that makes you say great things.
  • Free Estimates: ask, and you shall receive. Use the free estimate to compare our rates and services with other roofing companies in Trussville. You can also use the estimate to ensure the price you are quoted is the price that you pay. We lay it all on the line for you, so there’s never any guessing when the job is done. We’re confident you’ll come again to us when you discover just how low our rates are in comparison to the competition.
  • Caring Professionals: Some roofing companies do their job, and move on to the next one without any thought or consideration into their performance, or your satisfaction with their work. We’re not that kind of company, because we’re not going anywhere until we know that the job is done right and that you’re happy with our work. We are the professional roofing company that keeps our promises, and goes out of our way to keep our customers happy.
  • Guarantees & Warranties: Why trust a company that does work they won’t support? When you know that you’re doing a job right, why not stand behind that job? We stand behind all the work that we do, on every job, because that is what you deserve. We are confident in the work that we perform, and we always guarantee what we do! Every job. Every time. Our new roofs are complete with excellent warranties, and we guarantee all our roofing services.

These are just some of the services we provide to help our fellow Trussville residents and hope that we can personally show you why our name is among the top in the area. We do not mind being different from the competition. Being unique in this industry sets you above the rest, and we proudly cater to a different way of doing things than much of our competition. We’re proud of what we do and how we do this, and so far, it’s worked well for us. When you have residential roofing needs, give Alabama Roofing Professionals a call, and we’ll take care of all of it!