Replacement Roof – 6 Signs

Replacement RoofAs per research and stated in this article, most homeowners are not aware if it is already the right time to replace their roofs.  Not knowing when to do this may cause more problems as problems could already be at its worst when re-roofing is being scheduled.  Thus, this article now gives a list that will serve as your checklist on when to know if your roof is due for replacement.

1. It’s already too old

At an average, a roof can last up to 25 years, depending on the material used.  If your roof is at this age or older then it is definitely time to replace this.

2. The top is leaking

No questions asked about experiencing leaks – this automatically means that your roof is ready for replacement or else other parts of your house is up for damages.

3. The shingles have buckled or curled

Once your shingles are curled or buckled, it then exposes your home to different elements, thus, replacement is also warranted at this point.

4. There are algae on the top of the house

When algae, mold and moss are present in your roof, all these should be cleaned and removed.  If removing is already not an option, then it means your roof is ready to be replaced.

5. The chimney is leaking

When any part of your roof is experiencing leaks then it is already a given that the it requires replacement – no more no less.

6. You are having high energy bills

If there is a problem with your roof’s insulation, then it causes high energy bills.  If the roofing problem already causes issues with electricity and utility bills then it is high time to have it fixed or replaced.

There might be more signs that mean your roof is up for replacement but these 6 are the basic ones and those that you need to closely monitor to avoid higher costs and bigger problems.