Re-Roof vs. New Roof Guide

This article mainly talks about pointers on when it is best to re-roof vs. put up a new roof or vice versa.  A few things you need to consider are which will cost more?  There are some roofing problems wherein it costs more to re-roof than to replace the whole thing, considering materials, labor and all.

re-roofOne thing to consider is the materials your roof is made off – in example, asphalt shingles is easier to re-roof than metal roofing and less expensive.

Also, considering the material of your roof, you will determine if replacing the whole thing is less cheap than just re-roofing a part of it.

The pitch and story of your home is also one factor to consider as the higher or steeper the roof is, the more it will cost in labor and time.

You also need to consider the ventilation of your attic even if you are just going to re-roof as you don’t want it cut since the temperature will then affect the rest of your home which also affects how much your HVAC runs.  Just a basic thought that when you need to re-roof, ensure that you don’t mess with your attic’s ventilation or leave any holes as it will also affect your home’s insulation.

Based on the article, if your home has any of the following, a re-roof is recommended rather than a new one.

  1. Existing roofing is in very poor condition.
  2. Existing roofing has too many layers.
  3. Existing roofing has bad decking.
  4. Existing roofing has bad incompatible shingles.