5 Signs your House Needs New Roofing

Despite all the regular maintenance and cleaning, it will come to a point when your house will already need a new roof and the signs discussed in the article will make you more aware of when is the right time to re-roof.

1. Age

As stated in this article, the average life expectancy of a structure is about 20 to 25 years and depending on the weather condition of where you are currently in, this life expectancy may be shorter.   As mentioned too, to be able to know if it is already time for your roof to be replaced based on age, hire a roof expert and get their thoughts.

2. Valleys

Quoting from the article, valleys are sagging spots or small dips in wood, sheeting and among the shingles as a result of deteriorated rafters due to heavy snowfall or high humidity which then causes the rafters to start to rot.  Valleys can lead to damaging leaks if not fixed or replaced immediately and this is one sign that need to be attended to as soon as possible.

3. Deteriorating Shingles

From the word “deteriorated”, if your shingles had started to curl, buckle, tear apart or fall off, then it is already a good sign that it needs to be replaced.

4. Off-brand Materials

new roofingIf your house has been through previous owners and you are aware that roofing materials used were off-brand, then you don’t need to wait overtime for your roof to fall apart and create more damage with your home.  You can go ahead and move on with the replacement, using the best brands or materials for your roof to ensure continuous protection is given to your home.

5. Daylight in the Attic

There should be no daylight sipping through your attic if you have a well made house unless this comes from your window.  If you are already seeing this, then it is time to re-roof as this may lead to more serious problems such as leaks.

As soon as you spot these signs in your roof, talk to your contractors or roof professionals and start discussing on how to go about the re-roofing process.