Metal Roofs Options for Homes

The metal roofs were once used on commercial buildings, nothing more than a basic, cheap roof material that didn’t get a lot of attention from anyone. Fast forward 30 years and the metal roof has not only stood the test of time but became an improved roof material that people love. The metal roof is no longer the hunk of tin on the building that it was long ago.

Today, metal roofs are used not only on commercial buildings and offices but on homes, too. With a variety of metal roofing options, there’s a style that will satisfy your needs.

metal roofsMetal Tile

Metal tiles are made from individual panes of metal. It imitates the look of a ceramic tile roof, but it is covered with a special coating that looks like clay tiles. For homeowners that want a traditional look on their house, the metal tile option works wonderfully. Mediterranean style homes look exceptionally sleek with the metal tile roof.

Standing Seam

Standing seam metal roofs are used on more homes than other styles. The roof style is characterized by smooth metal panels with raised edges and adjacent panels secured on the edges by fasteners. Anyone that seeks a durable roof with a minimal design will appreciate the standing seam roof style.

Corrugated Metal

Corrugated metal roofs are made in individual panels that feature a wavy contour that supports the panel and helps repeal snow, rain, and other types of moisture. Corrugated metal roofs can be painted over and come in a wide variety of styles that flatter the decorative style of almost every homeowner. This is the most commonly used type of metal for a home.

Metal Roof Costs

Costs to install a metal roof on your home vary with factors such as the type of metal, size of the home, and company chosen to install affecting the overall costs. Although initial roofing costs are more than you’d pay for other materials, the 50+ year lifetime, weather -resistance and other qualities make the expenditure one that is easier to substantiate. On average, Southeast Alabama residents pay $12,500 to install a 1,200 sf. Metal roof on their home. Request quotes and compare rates with a few providers to ensure the best price is found for your metal roofing installation needs.