Leak-Prone Areas on the Roof

Has your roof sprung a leak? The roof is one of the most durable structures on the home, but it isn’t perfect. Roofs can and do occur, and sometimes there’s just nothing that you can do about it. But, you can learn the areas of the roof that are most prone to leak, so you focus your attention on the right areas when it’s time to protect the property. Yes, certain areas of the roof are more susceptible to a leak, then others. Do you know the areas that are most leak-prone?

leaksRoof Valley

The roof valley is a point at two sections of a roof intersection. The valleys are usually covered with flashing that keeps water from causing any damage. However, it is still possible to experience leaks around the roof valleys if they become damaged or worn out. If your roof springs a leak, it is a good idea to inspect this area to discover the culprit.

Roof Edge

The roof edge is susceptible to water damage, and the issues often stem from problems with the gutters. It is essential that your gutters are well maintained and kept clean at all times to prevent clogs and blockages from occurring. When water spills over onto the roof, it can leak into the soffit or the fascia and further damage the roof.

Roof Field

The roof field is another area where you might spot a leak, though it is one of the less common areas for a leak to occur. If you notice that shingles on the roof are cracked or worn out, the nails underneath are left exposed which loosens the shingles and lets water seep inside.

Final Thoughts

A leak from the roof can occur from any area and can occur with or without notice. The areas above are a few to keep a close eye on to ensure that leaks are not affecting your roof’s durability. If you notice signs of trouble, pick up the phone and call us to schedule a free roof consultation today.