Is Your Roof Winter Ready?

Winter is in full swing in Southeast Alabama. Hopefully, you’re staying warm and cozy on the inside of the house, and the snow and cold temperatures aren’t causing too much trouble for you. If you took the time to prepare the roof for the season, you’ve made the right steps to take a load of worry off your shoulders this season. With the holidays and so many other things taking place during the winter, there’s so much more to focus on. A winter-ready roof is one that assures that the roof is ready to protect the home throughout the season.

If you didn’t winterize your roof this time, there is always next year. It is a smart idea to take the time to winterize your roof and protect it from the harsh bitterness that the cold temperatures bring and the other stress cause to the roof. When summer dwindles to an end, schedule a roof inspection. It’s not always easy to spot damage from the ground. Roofers inspect the home from the top so they can quickly discover leaks, cracks, granule loss, and other telltale signs of roof trouble and make the repairs as soon as possible to prevent trouble during the winter season.

winter readyClean the gutters during the fall. It is vital that your gutters are always clean but even more so before the winter rolls around. Clogged gutters are always a threat to the home, but their dangers are more prominent during the winter when moisture can freeze and weigh down the gutters and the roof or even pull down the gutter from the edge of the roof. Clean the gutters before the winter weather rolls in and have one less thing to worry about.

Clean the roof if it is dirty while the weather outside is still pretty enough to enjoy. No, you don’t want to climb on the roof with a broom to sweep away dirt, but you do want to ensure that sticks, leaves, stems, and other debris are removed efficiently. If you notice damage or signs of trouble, call our roofing team to schedule service to minimize the headaches you’ll experience later in the season.

Just a few tricks, and your roof is well-prepared to protect your home throughout the winter season. Don’t miss out on the exciting benefits of winterizing your roof!