Is Your House Ready for a Roof Garden?

If you are dreaming of adding green to your house but is challenged with space, Laura Firszt had provided you with a list of things to know to have your own roof garden and achieve your Green Dream!

Check your local laws

Some places may require specific permits in building a roof garden. Knowing this first before actually building it is a good idea.

Take into account the pitch, or slope, of your roof

As what the article states, most suitable for simple and trouble-free roof garden are those flat, low-slope, or combination styles.

Make sure that your roofing material is in good shape

roof garden is the new trendJust like any other building, the base needs to be stable before you build anything. Not considering your roofing material may cause mayhem to your Green Dream.

Have the roofing structure inspected by a qualified structural engineer or architect

We cannot stress enough the importance of knowing your roofing structure very well as this is this will be the basis if your dreams of having a garden are real or just a dream at all.

Purpose-build a new roof

If having a roof replacement is your next step, ensure that the new material is roof-garden-friendly.  You wouldn’t want to have a roof garden which causes problems in the future such as roof leaks and the like.

Consider any add-on you might need

Not only to make your roof garden more beautiful but to set purpose in what you what to have in there, make sure that you are open to put any additional add-on that your roof requires, may it be as simple as a ladder or as intricate as an irrigation system.

Look into the possibility of free money to help with the cost

As mentioned with other articles, there are some cities or utility companies which provide rebates when you upgrade to environmentally friendly spaces.

Allow yourself to feel a little smug

As insects, birds, and small animals may feel invited by your new roof garden; ensure that you buy an add-on that will help block them.

Get ready for fun

Enjoy gardening while relaxing with the fruit of your labor!