How to Pay for a New Home Roof

Like it or not, there comes a time when the roof on your home will need to be replaced. Whether it succumbed to weather damage or quietly worked its magic for its maximum lifetime, replacing the roof when the time comes is the only way to keep your home protected and the family comfortable. But, the average roof replacement costs about $8,000, and for many homeowners, that’s not money they have lying around the house. How can you afford the costs of a new home roof when it is so much?

putting a new home roof on a cabinThere are a few ways to prolong the lifetime of the roof that is on the home. It’s ideal for extending the life of the roof, so you protect your investment. Besides, when you complete tasks such a call for an annual roofing inspection, you’re providing peace of mind for yourself as well. When damage occurs to the roof, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to call a roofing professional. The damage won’t cure itself and certainly won’t go away until a professional’s had his way with things.

Aside from protecting the current roof, you can also save money on roof replacement by comparing the providers in the area who offer service. Rates vary significantly from one company to the next, but you will know the best prices only if the time to request quotes and compare is taken.

Insurance may pay all or a portion of the costs of your new roof. If you carry a home insurance policy, check with your agent after damage to learn if you qualify and if you do, file your claim. The insurance company may pay for roof damage caused by weather-related and many other issues.

Financing is also available and an option that many people use to cover the costs of their new roof. Qualified homeowners can finance to make the costs of their new roof a little more bearable. An application for financing will need to be completed and a qualification granted to use financing.

Of course, debit card and credit card payments are also accepted to pay for the roof costs. If you don’t have the money available, loans are available to help you cover the fees. Personal loans are most commonly used to help homeowners with the expenses of a home remodeling or upgrade project such as roof replacement.