How to Know if Your Attic Needs Extra Insulation

Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature can feel like a hefty job. There are so many factors involved – insulation, roof quality, windows, HVAC system, and the list goes on. How do you know what steps you need to take to enjoy a more comfortable, even temperature in your home?

One of the most common culprits is a lack of proper attic insulation. Look for any of these signs you might be in need of more attic insulation.

1.  You Have High Energy Bills

This is often the most noticeable sign that your insulation could be lacking because we all notice when our bank accounts take a hit. Keep in mind, though, that there are several factors that affect your home’s energy efficiency, like outdated or poorly installed windows, poor wall insulation, or an ineffective HVAC system, but if those are unlikely in your case, chances are that your attic insulation is the problem.

2.  You See Signs of Moisture in Your Attic

Take a peek into your attic and look for signs of moisture. Does the air feel damp? If you use your attic for storage, is there dampness or signs of past moisture on your items? Is there mold in the attic or on any stored items? All these signs could indicate that your attic needs better insulation.

3.  The Surfaces of Your Ceiling and Walls are Off-Temperature

Grab a ladder and place your hand along the ceiling of the top floor of your home. Does the ceiling feel cold when it’s cold outside? If so, that means your attic is cold, which means your attic insulation isn’t getting its job done.

4.  You Struggle to Keep Your Home a Consistent Temperature

Theoretically, you should be able to keep your home at a consistent temperature by keeping your thermostat settings consistent. That doesn’t always happen, though. If you feel like you’re constantly turning your thermostat up and down throughout the day because the temperature is uncomfortable, that means your home isn’t insulated well enough to keep a stable temperature. Your attic insulation is likely to be a key part of the problem.

5.  You Book an Inspection

All the signs above are rather general symptoms – they could mean your attic is poorly insulated but they could point to other problems with your home’s insulation and temperature control too. The only sure-fire way to know if your attic insulation is up to snuff is to schedule an inspection.

A thorough roof inspection should include an attic inspection because your attic’s insulation has a significant impact on your roof’s performance and because your attic can include signs of roof problems. Don’t take this for granted, though; if you schedule a roof inspection, ask if attic insulation is part of the inspection. Our roofing professionals always check the attic insulation during our roof inspections.

Attic inspections are an option too. These inspections look at your attic insulation and other aspects of your attic’s structure. However, your best option may be a roof inspection that inspects the attic too because your roof and attic insulation have such an impact on each other.

What To Do if Your Attic Needs More Insulation

If the signs above sound all too familiar, what do you do to resolve your attic insulation problems? You don’t need to contact a specialized insulation company. Our roofing team offers blow-in attic insulation to help protect your roof and stabilize your home’s temperature so you can enjoy more comfort in any season. Contact our team today to schedule your inspection or to learn more about our attic insulation.