How to Clean Your Gutter

In most cases, a gutter is vital in ensuring water is restricted from getting inside your homes.  Since this is an essential task in maintaining your houses, keeping the gutter clean is one of the priorities you need to be aware of. Below are some of the tips provided by Jacklyn Crawford to properly clean your gutter.

Gutter Cleaning Cost

Invest in gutter cleaning to avoid a bigger cost in fixing leaks due to poor maintenance of gutters.  Based on this article, the average price for cleaning gutters is $145, wherein the majority of the cost comes from labor.

D.I.Y. Gutter Cleaning

This could be a good option for smaller heights of gutters, but for higher roofs, it is recommended that you hire a professional to do the job for you.  If you push for D.I.Y. gutter cleaning, bear in mind that ladder safety is number one, and protection comes next.

Gutter Cleaning Tools

gutter cleanCommon tools being used for this task are the following:

  • ladder
  • gloves
  • protective eye-wear
  • bucket
  • hose
  • rope or cord
  • plastic gutter scoop

Below are the steps in cleaning your gutter:

  • Prepare your tools
  • Begin to remove debris
  • Flush gutters and downspouts

Preventing Gutter Clogs

One way to avoid gutter clogs is to invest and install gutter guards.  These gutter guard systems can filter out unwanted leaves, twigs, and other items that may cause problems in your gutter.


Investing in regular gutter maintenance is helpful as it will prevent you, homeowners, from a more significant task and cost of fixing problems caused by faulty gutters.