5 Major Questions to Ask a Roofer Before Hiring

roofer birmingham alThis article gives you a list of questions to ask your prospective roofers even before hiring them.  Why ask these questions?  The answer is to ensure that your are hiring not just the best but qualified and professional roofers as hiring the opposite could just lead to mayhem and more costs.

Q1: Do you have a license?

Be informed that the different states require different licenses for contractors.  If your state requires a roofer to be licensed, make sure to check the validity of the license even before hiring them.  If they have a license issued, then it means if anything goes wrong you have your state’s protection to back you up.

Q2: Do you insure your roofers?

Currently, it is already a must that contractors have insurance for their roofers which then means that if the contractor you are dealing with doesn’t have this – then you are not to hire them.  Having insurance for your roofers means you can be at ease knowing that your workers are covered should anything bad happen.

Q3: Do you have general liability insurance?

Having general liability insurance now protects your home when the roofers are working on it.  Since your home is considered as your valued possession, you may want to make sure that other people working on your home are accountable for everything they do.

Q4: Do you take the old roofs off?

This question will help you identify if the roofer you will hire takes their time and works on their craft accurately or they are the ones who loves taking short cuts with their tasks.

Q5: Do you put drip edge in your installation?

If your roofers put drip edge during installation, you can bet that they are concerned about the welfare of your roof as they don’t want any water damage problems to come to you so soon.

Take note of these questions and if you want to add more, feel free to do so as these will help you in finding the best roofers for your home.