As a company, we know these are uncertain and trying times. We also know that there are things you face that you need assistance with. Under current orders, we are considered an essential business and are allowed to operate as needed. SO WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! Several weeks ago we implemented policies and procedures to help us deal with the public in regards to the Covid-19 Virus.

Here are our guidelines to keep our employees and customers safe in the event you need us:

  1. We do not have to enter your house or have direct contact with you. Our salesman can assess hail and wind damage from the roof or from the use of a drone. We have the ability to measure your roof via satellite or by using our advanced software technology to give you a 3-D rendering of your home.
  2. Our CRM can provide estimates and contracts that you can view and sign on your computer, tablet or phone.
  3. We can also provide by email an inspection report with all the photos necessary for your insurance company.
  4. We can also offer live video conference calls with you, our representatives, and the insurance adjusters.
  5. Our crews can manage the entire process of fixing, repairing or replacing your roof without personal contact.
  6. All payments and financing can be done online.

We know we will get through this and business will begin to operate as normal. In the meantime, we are here to help.