Common Roofing Mistakes to Avoid

This article enlightens you on what to avoid when it comes to your roofing knowing that your roof is an essential part of your house.  Below is the list of roofing mistakes you need to avoid to get the most value from your roofs:

Don’t Wait

roofing mistakesDon’t wait for roofing mistakes to happen, install EPDM as it is a protective layer for your roof.  It prevents your roof from any roofing issue such as water leaks.  If there are already issues, then it might be too late and might take more time to fix the roofing first then proceed with the installation as opposed to installing it first hand while your roof is all new.

Prep your Roof

Before installing your EPDM, ensure that there is no debris lying around your roof as it may affect your EPDM as a whole if there are areas where it can be raised.  Planning and preparation have always been the key for anything and installation of EPDM on your roof are one the processes that require this.

Edge Flashing

Good edge flashing is required to ensure that you make the most out of the protection provided by EPDM.  Should you have any problems or questions with the installation of EPDM and edge flashing, make sure to consult a professional for suggestions and assistance.


Same as the process of preparing your roof, ensure that there are no wrinkles anywhere before laying the EPDM.

Secure it in Place

Two ways to secure your EPDM, one is to use nails and the other option is to use glue.  If you are to use nails, make sure it is long enough and if you opt to use glue, just ensure that you choose a good product.  Since bonding takes time, you may also get the help of bricks to press down the materials.

For more information and to get a better understanding of these factors, visit your trusted roofing contractor.