Common Causes of a Leaking Roof

If your roof springs a leak, there are many reasons why it may have suddenly begun to burst at the seams and allow water to seep through into the home. Though in most cases leaking roof doesn’t start suddenly, and there are usually many signs that the problem has lurked beneath the surface for some time already. Nevertheless, most homeowners want to know why the roof is leaking and what they can do to put it to an end before any more trouble occurs.

Read below to learn some of the most common causes of roof leaks and how you can resolve the problem.

Cracked Flashing

leaking roofFlashing are thin pieces of metal placed underneath the shingles and at the joints of the roof. Flashing provides a water-resistant barrier that keeps water from pooling. Some flashing have rubberized coatings over the top. If the flashing is broken, it allows water to seep through the roof through several openings. It’s not easy to see broken flashing from the ground unless the damage is relatively significant.  You will need to install new flashing to resolve this problem.

Broken Shingles

It is reasonably easy to spot broken shingles. Just look up to the roof to identify shingles and trouble areas. If you notice that shingles are missing, there will be different colored patches noticeable on the roof. Broken and missing shingles is especially common after heavy rains and storms. Being a proactive homeowner and keep an eye on things, could save you unwanted leaks.

Improperly Sealed Valleys

The valleys are two planes where the roof come together. The valleys must be adequately sealed, or rain and other forms of prescription will cause trouble. It is easy to find improperly sealed valleys by looking for water spots along the seams of the roof and the gutter. This is a significant problem and needs professional attention to repair so if you notice this problem with your roof get on the phone to schedule service, and we’ll take care of your needs.