Common Causes of Commercial Roof Repairs

Same as a house’s roof, a business’ roof is as vital as it serves the same goal, which is to protect.  Now, this article discusses the common causes of commercial roof repairs being encountered by businesses.

Faulty or Damaged Flashing

If the flashing is not installed correctly, then it may collect moisture, which in time may cause water leaks and continuous damage to the property.

Pooling Water

Since most businesses opt to have a flat roof, this comes to be susceptible to pooling water.  When water is continuously collected and does not run off the structure, the deterioration of the roof is inevitable.


Extreme and intense winds can damage commercial structures the same as with houses.  If winds are so strong, it can blow off underlayment, which can then leave the surface of your commercial roof unprotected.

Lack of Maintenance

Regular maintenance helps minimize the risk of having all these roofing issues.  Should you choose to have yearly roof check-ups, you can ensure that you wouldn’t miss any upcoming problems

Low-Hanging Branches

commercial roofSome businesses are also susceptible to this problem.  As the trees move with the wind, it can cause damage by scraping along the surface of the buildings, sidings, and even with the roofing materials.

Poor Ventilation

Same with houses, proper ventilation helps retain the life of your commercial roof.


Same as with other structures, everything wears out as it goes through the aging process.  When structures age, different problems start to appear, and roofing issues are one of them.

Business owners should review these common causes to make sure this is avoided, and proper planning is done.