Roof Vents – Protects Your Roof and Home

Contrary to what many believe, roof vents are critical to prolonging your roof life.  Many people think that their roofers are just trying to get them to spend more than what is required, and this article by lets you understand the importance of having roof ventilations. The Modern Home and Roof Ventilation Most of...

Spring Home Maintenance Check List

As mentioned by the author, winter weather can damage a house in several ways. There may be nesting animals in your vent that you need to remove, dried leaves that have accumulated in the gutter, etc., which then may cause different household problems once the weather becomes warm.  This article will give you tips on...

Rooftop Decks: Building a Deck With a View

It is already a given that rooftop decks give you stunning views.  May it be a skyline or hilly countryside or view of the bay – it is always astonishing to have this view after walking out of your home.  Home Advisor now gives you the 411 on building these decks. Installation As cited by...
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A Quick Guide to Roof Turbine

Home Adviser wrote this article to give you a quick guide to the roof turbine and discuss information that you may not yet be aware of.  First is that a roof turbine is one of the best ways to keep moisture out as roof turbines are a vent that removes humid air from your attic,...
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Common Causes of Commercial Roof Repairs

Same as a house’s roof, a business’ roof is as vital as it serves the same goal, which is to protect.  Now, this article discusses the common causes of commercial roof repairs being encountered by businesses. Faulty or Damaged Flashing If the flashing is not installed correctly, then it may collect moisture, which in time...

How to Clean Your Gutter

In most cases, a gutter is vital in ensuring water is restricted from getting inside your homes.  Since this is an essential task in maintaining your houses, keeping the gutter clean is one of the priorities you need to be aware of. Below are some of the tips provided by Jacklyn Crawford to properly clean...
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Common Roofing Scams and How to Avoid Them

Nowadays, scams are to be found on all businesses imaginable, and the roofing business is not excused at all.  Scamming homeowners during re-roofing and placing new roofs is also happening everywhere, and it hurts a lot, knowing that you are losing several thousand while not getting the quality you spent for and additional thousands of...
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Why Curb Appeal Matters

Based on this article, it is true that curb appeal matters when you are selling the property since this is the attractiveness of the property that is for sale.  Now the question is, how curb appeal is essential on properties that are not for sale yet or will not be for sale at all?  The...
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Hiring a Commercial Roofing Contractor

As discussed by Laura Firszt in this article, finding and choosing a commercial roofing contractor is an enormous responsibility, and below are items you should consider before making this decision. About the Contractor A few things to ask here is if the roofing contractor is licensed and insured.  You also need to know how long...

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