5 Benefits of Blow-In Insulation

Are you one of the many who is constantly adjusting the thermostat, turning off lights in empty rooms, and chasing down other excess energy use around the house to keep your energy bills low? Did you know the simple project of insulating your attic, crawl space, and basement rim joists could save you 15% of...

4 Common Causes of roof leaks and what to do next

Roof leaks are one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares. If left unchecked, a small leak can quickly turn into a larger problem and threaten the integrity of everything inside the home. Part of  maintaining a sound home is identifying any threats that could cause your roof to leak. Let’s look at a few of the most...

5 Ways To Protect Your Roof During Storm Season

Storm season puts every Alabama homeowner on edge. We live in an area that’s all too familiar with violent storms and tornados, and many of us know that roof damage is often the price of these storms. While you can’t control the hand nature deals you, you can do a few things to protect your...

Roof Spring Cleaning: 5 “Musts” for Homeowners

Winter can take a toll on your roof, even though we don’t get much snow or ice here in Alabama. Cold conditions can increase your risk because you’re likely spending more time indoors and may be less likely to notice visible issues with your roof.  That’s why roof spring cleaning is such an important part...

Message From Mike

Changes? 2020 brought changes into our lives and those changes affected our industry as well. We saw industries, restaurants and businesses being shut down. We saw masks on familiar faces and faces we do not know. Going to the store, Home Depot and Lowes were met with long lines to enter.

Roof Vents – Protects Your Roof and Home

Contrary to what many believe, roof vents are critical to prolonging your roof life.  Many people think that their roofers are just trying to get them to spend more than what is required, and this article by lets you understand the importance of having roof ventilations. The Modern Home and Roof Ventilation Most of...

Spring Home Maintenance Check List

As mentioned by the author, winter weather can damage a house in several ways. There may be nesting animals in your vent that you need to remove, dried leaves that have accumulated in the gutter, etc., which then may cause different household problems once the weather becomes warm.  This article will give you tips on...

Rooftop Decks: Building a Deck With a View

It is already a given that rooftop decks give you stunning views.  May it be a skyline or hilly countryside or view of the bay – it is always astonishing to have this view after walking out of your home.  Home Advisor now gives you the 411 on building these decks. Installation As cited by...
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A Quick Guide to Roof Turbine

Home Adviser wrote this article to give you a quick guide to the roof turbine and discuss information that you may not yet be aware of.  First is that a roof turbine is one of the best ways to keep moisture out as roof turbines are a vent that removes humid air from your attic,...
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