7 Roof Maintenance Tips

7 Roof Maintenance Tips for homeowners to follow

1. Take time to clean out the gutters.

If debris are always removed from your roof, you can prevent this for piling up and causing more problems such as shingles being damaged and even water leaks.

2. Don’t allow leaves to pile up on the roof.

Same as cleaning out the gutters, not allowing dried leaves to pile up on your roof will prevent a lot of things such as water leaks.  Use low-pressured water or leaf blower to clean this.

3. Get rid of any moss that may be growing on your roof.

Quoting the article, “a roofing contractor can apply strip to the top of your roof to prevent mold from growing”.

4. Inspect any metal areas for rust.

If you see any rust from the metal areas of your roof, use a wire brush to remove it, a primer and paint to finish the maintenance.

5. Remove any overhanging branches near your roof.

Removing any overhanging branches will keep the insects and small critters away from your roof. Ideally, any branches need to be at least 10 feet higher than your roof.

6. In the event of a hail storm or strong wind, go outside and check to see that everything is okay.

Early detection is the key.  If you see any part of your roof that is damaged, ensure to have this fixed ASAP and avoid further damages.

7. If you live in the region where ice and snow are common, make sure you do your best to prevent ice dams.

As suggested by the article, roof maintenance is not something to be overlooked rather something that is to be prioritized.   Following the tips indicated above can ensure that your roof withstands any weather changes other ravages from the elements.