5 Ways You’ll Benefit From A New Roof

Is a new roof worth the investment for your home, your financial stability, and your peace of mind? It comes down to whether you would appreciate these five top benefits of a new roof.

1.  Protection from Damage

Your roof is a key aspect of your home’s defense against damage. A roof in disrepair can open the door, so to speak, for costly water damage inside your home as well as other weather-related damage. Not only can a new roof protect your home from severe damage but it helps to protect everything (and everyone) inside your home too.

2.  Enhanced Temperature Control

Particularly during a hot Alabama summer, we all know how vital it is to keep your home cool. If you struggle to maintain a steady temperature or if your energy bills are high, you may be surprised by the difference a new roof can make.

By helping you manage your home’s temperature, a new roof brings several added benefits. Not only can you enjoy a more comfortable home but you lower your energy usage and your energy bills as a result. It also lowers your home’s impact on the environment.

3.  Increased Home Value

A new roof may cost money but it also raises your home’s value for a few reasons. First, when you install a new roof, it means that your home likely won’t need another new roof for another 20-30 years or so. Second, a new roof makes your home look nicer and cleaner, giving your curb appeal a boost.

4.  Reduced Insurance Premiums

Homeowner’s insurance companies base their policy rates and premiums on many factors, and your roof is typically on that list. Because the quality of your roof determines how high-risk your home is for expensive damage, you’re likely to enjoy lower premiums with a new roof because the insurance company is taking less of a risk.

In some cases, the homeowner’s insurance you’re even able to receive will depend on your roof. Many insurance companies won’t insure a roof that is past a certain age, often 20 years old, because damage is so likely. A new roof can give you access to stronger financial protection.

5.  Protecting Your Air Quality

An aged roof leaves your home vulnerable to water damage, but that isn’t all. It also increases your risk of poor air quality.

This is largely because of mold. Even small amounts of water getting in through your roof, which you may not notice, can lead to mold growth that is a health risk for your family, especially for anyone with asthma, allergies, COPD, or other respiratory issues. Beyond mold, a roof that doesn’t seal properly can also allow other unwanted particles into your home’s air, like allergens and pollutants.

Keep in mind, however, that even with a new roof, it’s a good idea to get a mold test for your home regularly. Mold can still come from other sources like a problem with your HVAC system or plumbing issues.

Investing in Your Health, Safety, and Financial Stability with a New Roof

A new roof is so much more than a cosmetic facelift for your home’s exterior. It’s a major factor in keeping your family safe from storms and toxic air pollution as well as keeping your bank account safe from devastating repair costs.

Ready to make that investment and safeguard your family’s future? Contact our roofing specialists to learn how we can help.