5 Common Roofing Mistakes

Homeowners often make the same common roofing mistakes when it is time to maintain their roof or address issues that occur during its lifetime. Although the roof is a structure that we don’t give a lot of thought or consideration, it is essential that you know the mistakes that could cost you money or a durable roof and avoid making them yourself.

Five common roofing mistakes to avoid are listed below.

Over-Insulating the House

Whoever knew there was such a thing as over-insulating the house? It is true, and if there is too much insulation used for the roof, it will cause ventilation problems in the attic. This may lead to mold, algae, and other issues that no homeowner wants to endure.

Pressure Washer Cleaning

Pressure washing can remove dirt, debris, dead bugs, and other grime from the home’s exterior, from the driveway and the sidewalk, and so, some homeowners assume that is also a viable option to clean the roof and reduce its dirty appearance. The truth is, a pressure washer may be too strong for the surface of the roof and cause more damage.

Failing to Inspect the Roof

common roofing mistakesRegular roof inspections protect the house, the lifetime of the roof, and even the structure of your home. It can also save you a considerable amount of money since you’ll notice trouble before it has the chance to increase in nature and severity.

Not Paying Attention to the Attic

The attic and the basement go hand in hand. When you inspect the roof, also take a peek at the attic, too. There are many signs that you’ll notice in the attic if there are roof issues. Should also look for signs of mold/mildew growth in the attic and symptoms of excess humidity.

DIY Roofing

Always call a roofing professional when roof problems arise. The roofing materials and installation are both essential qualities that must come together to construct a high-quality roof that provides the lasting value that you demand. Don’t settle for less. It is a small price to pay for assurance, quality, and peace of mind. That’s precisely what you get when you entrust roofing contractors to service your roof needs.