What are Green Roofs?

Green roofs are known to have plenty of benefits that help both the homeowner and the environment that is why this is becoming more popular in residential areas nowadays. This article in improvenet.com gives you more information on green roofs to understand if this is the right choice of roofing for you. What is a […]

Expanding the Life of Your Roof

This article talks about some tips on how to ensure that your roof’s life is extended to its maximum.  Knowing that you, homeowners, have spent a lot with your new roof, extending its longevity to maximum is an expectation. Below is the list of points to take note in order to expand your roof’s life: […]

Different Types of Roofing

This article mainly helps us understand the importance of professional help when it comes to our roof, considering that our roof is an essential part of our home.  For whatever job you would like to be done on your roofs, there are roofers that are always available to help you decide on materials, type and […]

Re-Roof vs. New Roof Guide

This article mainly talks about pointers on when it is best to re-roof vs. put up a new roof or vice versa.  A few things you need to consider are which will cost more?  There are some roofing problems wherein it costs more to re-roof than to replace the whole thing, considering materials, labor and […]